Tuesday, August 28, 2007

As a man of 49 years, I admire the men and women that serve in the U.S. Military. I tire of the politicians who, under the guise of wanting what's best for our "boys" and "girls" in uniform but then, in turn, make them out to be defenseless victims, unable to free themselves from the political winds of Washington. When I see a soldier, I see a young man or woman who has made the most courageous decision a person can make. He/She did not choose a major in college...that takes zero courage. To decide which school to go to does not show fortitude. Opting to work or start a career is more of a necessity rather than a choice. However, to decide to serve your country as a soldier, marine, sailor or airman is difficult. I think its difficult because of the word serve. These men and women choose to serve, rather than to accumulate. They volunteer to set aside their personal wants and individualism to serve the corp, the troop, the fleet or the wing. They train to kill or to die in order to protect you and me, and, yes, even the Iraqi people, from those who have committed to do all of us harm. These men and women don't just do it once, but they reenlist, or volunteer for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th tour, willingly standing in harms way
for people they don't even know. They give up youth and family, for a greater goal, honor and integrity.

I will respect those who serve, and forgive me please if I quietly sneer at those who treat them as fragile children rather than the warriors they truly are.